A Kingdom of Thrills and Magic

“(FilmQuest) has quickly garnered impressive buzz around it… (with) an experience unlike most on the festival circuit. Martin’s curated space helps genre films leave obscurity and reach the eyeballs they are meant for… More outsiders will be dying to join in the fun.” – July, 2016 (Carlos Aguilar)

“From its opening shots… to its end-credits stinger, director Jonathan Martin’s short film Creatures of Whitechapel is a breathtaking marvel. Jonathan Martin and his team have created a thrilling, fun take on gothic horror legends that combines unique new voices with an homage to Hammer Film Productions.” – January, 2017 (Joseph Perry)

“Martin has managed to create something truly special… There is a huge amount of talent on offer here. Remember the name Jonathan Martin… this is a director with a wealth of talent and the confidence to use it. I will be very surprised if we do not see this director head into feature lengths films and deliver a true classic.” – August, 2011 (Matt Wavish)

An Evening with My Comatose Mother is spooky in all the right ways… The story, acting, décor, music, and effects are all so well done they feel like they belong in a much bigger, more expensive movie, making this short entertaining and fun to watch. A perfect treat for the Halloween season.” – October, 2011 (Emilie Black)

“The pacing and editing are wonderfully crisp – with the re-animation scene being an easy highlight.  The swift camera movements and jump-cuts here make for a very exciting sequence. You’ll fall into the world quite easily and enjoy the wonderfully perverse and fast-paced ride… more of the same, please!” – May, 2017 (Michael Klug)

“The look of this film, from the sets, to the lighting, wardrobe and use of colors was absolutely amazing. This short was honestly my pick as best film of the whole festival (Wreak Havoc Film Festival).” – September, 2017 (The Shape)

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