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An audacious self-tape audition unlike any made before for the role of Teela in the upcoming Masters of the Universe motion picture.

Teela (Emily Ashby), a heroic warrior of Eternia, protects the Sword of Power from three wanderers in an action packed fight to claim its power for themselves.

Produced as a self tape audition by Emily Ashby and Jonathan Martin for the role of Teela for the announced upcoming Masters of the Universe motion picture. While it is not intended to be a “fan film,” the production team’s hope is that the film will be received well by the Masters of the Universe fan community and motion picture industry.

The film also stars Christian Kang Bachini as “Cy-Am,” Halem Medina as “Bonan,” and Elwon Blakly as “Chain Male.” The original music was composed by Gerrit Wunder (CW’s Stargirl, Netflix’s Slumberland) and sound design by 10-time Emmy nominee Patrick Hogan (Cobra Kai, The Umbrella Academy). Visual effects created by our frequent collaborator Nicholas Fletcher of Tempered Pixel. Our stunt coordinator was long time Chinese cinema stunt actor and coordinator Christian ‘Kang” Bachini. The end credits track “Heartless Madness” by Dynazty was used with permission courtesy of AFM Records.

The film was released simultaneously for both a private and online viewing audience in January 2023.

“Teela and the Masters of the Universe” has been made without the permission of Mattel, Inc., Netflix, Inc., or Sony Pictures. This is a nonprofit, unofficial venture not made for commercial use or monetization. The characters are owned by Mattel, Inc. and the film is in no way connected to said companies. Permission to use the characters and likenesses was not pursued by the production or granted by Mattel, Inc. He-Man™ and Masters of the Universe™ are registered trademarks of Mattel, Inc.


  • directed by
    Jonathan Martin/
  • Cast
    Emily Ashby/ Christian Kang Bachini/ Halem Medina/ Elwon Bakly/
  • director of photography
    Matt Devino/
  • edited by
    Jonathan Martin/ Christian Kang Bachini/
  • stunt coordinator
    Christian Kang Bachini/
  • costumes & props by
    Ifer Mitchell/ Lance Butler/ Julie Butler/
  • color
    Drew Tekulve/
  • visual effects
    Nicholas Fletcher/
  • original music by
    Gerrit Wunder/
  • sound design
    Patrick Hogan/
  • written by
    Jonathan Martin/
  • produced by
    Emily Ashby/ Jonathan Martin/
image character
Emily Ashby

A powerful warrior of Eternia, Teela is a headstrong and ferocious Captain in the Eternian Guard. She’ll stop at nothing to protect her home world, even if it gets her into trouble more often than not.

image character
Christian Kang Bachini

A ruthless scavenger of the Eternian desert, Cy-Am will take on anyone, anywhere, at anytime to take what his evil eye desires… even if he has to kill a foe or two to get it!

image character
Halem Medina

A barbarian warrior of immense brute strength, Bonan has heard rumors of the Sword of Power lost in the desert sands and decides its high time to trade out his club and claim it for himself.

image character
Elwon Bakly
Chain Male

An acolyte of the notorious Skeletor, Chain Male has been given a mission to find the Sword of Power.  When he happens upon it, he desires it for himself and may be a bit too eager to claim it.