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Dr. Green (James C. Morris) gets an extraterrestrial encounter.


A world inside a closet. A galaxy inside your world.

Our first music video, Electric Light was an ambitious undertaking from the get go that asked an all-important question: what would an intergalactic dance party look like? Filled to the brim with references from some of cinema’s greatest space operas, and wearing its influences heartily on its sleeve, the music video is an over the top celebration of sci-fi and eighties influenced pulp.

The tale is that of a young girl who discovers a secret portal to another galaxy inside her brother’s closet. Following him through, she is whisked to a space station that forms a ring around its planet where the music throbs and the love flows. Quickly out of her element, she sets out to find him amongst the revelry, discovering him sandwiched between two alien babes. He sees her just in time, as the Space Police come crashing the party, sparking chaos and disarray. But will he be able to get them both back home in time?

With original costuming that drew influences from Mad Max, Mass Effect, and even The Mummy, the video also featured over a dozen SFX makeup creations by Chris Hanson. Fusing saturated space visuals, and the addictive beats of Muscle Hawk’s track Electric Light, the video is one of infectious appeal.

Just don’t tell mom about the portal in your closet.

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  • Directed by
    Jonathan Martin/
  • Director of Photography
    Derek Pueblo/
  • Cast
    Alivia Leonelli/ Kyle Demontmorency/ Oksana Georgiu/ James C. Morris/ Julia Fae/ Danny James/ Cosette Jarrett/ Nicol Powell/ Rachel McCash/ Ian Eskelson/
  • Edited by
    Jonathan Martin/ Jeff Yeats/
  • Production Design
    Josh Andersen/ Jonathan Martin/
  • Costumes
    Rachael Domingo/ Kish Carter/
  • SFX Makeup
    Chris Hanson/
  • Sound Design
    Greg Bower/
  • Visual Effects
    Alex Johnson/
  • Produced by
    Jonathan Martin/
  • Original Music by
    Muscle Hawk/
image character
Alivia Leonelli
Cast - Sister

Hearing voices in the hallway from her brother’s friends, the Sister investigates and discovers them disappearing through a portal in his closet. Intrigued, she follows and experiences a whole new world.

image character
Kyle Demontmorency
Cast - Brother

Bringing his friends into a new world through a portal in his closet, the Brother doesn’t expect to see his Sister follow him through, and must rescue her at the intergalactic party on the other side.

image character
Oksana Georgiu
Cast - Band Member

Leading the charge, and dancing the night away as she does so, Oksana’s Band Member brings the energy necessary to dance the night away.

image character
James C. Morris
Cast - Dr. Green

Ready for action, in all its forms, Dr. Green is no stranger to the dance floor or the ladies.

image character
Julia Fae
Cast - Woman in White

Mysterious and ethereal, the Woman in White comes from another world and slithers to another tune.

image character
Danny James
Cast - Monkey Man

The Monkey Man is a ball of kinetic energy, troubadour styling, and one excellent coif.

image character
Cosette Jarrett
Cast - Pink Asari

Stunning in both figure and beauty, the Pink Asari drops jaws and slick moves to the throbbing beat of the music.

image character
Nicol Powell
Cast - Purple Asari

The Purple Asari draws all kinds of attention and desire as she slithers and snakes to the grooves.

image character
Rachel McCash
Cast - Devil Woman

Friend or foe? The Devil Woman brings style and dangerous appeal to the proceedings, and doesn’t take too kindly to underage revelers.

image character
Ian Eskelson
Cast - Fish Man

The Fish Man doesn’t need the flashiest get up to get attention, and he doesn’t need anyone else telling him when there’s a beautiful attraction on display. He is his own Fish.