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Dagon (Doug Jones) reveals who is Master.

Dark Fantasy in a Victorian age, Kiss the Devil is a Faustian tale of betrayal, sex, and magic.

Marcus, a powerful sorcerer who, desperate to save his dying wife, makes a deal with the demon Dagon to save her soul. Dagon, however, has more in mind for Marcus than just a simple exchanging of souls. With seemingly no other choice Marcus accepts, catapulting him into a dark series of events.

Kiss the Devil in the Dark is the ambitious follow-up to Comatose Mother. Luring such name talent such as Doug Jones, Dameon Clarke, Amrita Acharia, and others, the film is a dark fantasy that imagines a secret order of sorcerers who come face to face with a Prince of Darkness in Dagon. Discovering that one of their own has betrayed them, the story is a dark, yet colorful, exploration of loyalty, friendship, and love.

Principle photography was only four days for the nearly 30 minute short film, and involved a team of hugely talented individuals to pull it off. With Dagon’s iconic makeup design by Chris Hanson, and the classic feeling behind his two creatures and the rest of the film, Kiss the Devil is a visual treat for those in love with practical effects while also being complimented by VFX that explore a Dante inspired hellscape. Our first venture into period design, Kiss afforded an opportunity to do more than just a show piece. It provided the chance to tell a real story with real stakes.

Betrayal is the darkest magic.

To date, the film has currently won 40 festival awards and has played 30 film festivals. It will be publicly released in late 2019.

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  • Co-Directed by
    Jonathan Martin/ Rebecca Martin/
  • Written by
    Rebecca Martin/ Blake Casselman/
  • Cast
    Dameon Clarke/ Doug Jones/ Amrita Acharia/ Johnny Call/ Rick Macy/ Gary Reimer/ Sonya Macari/ Brian Higgins/ Amy Lia/ Jake Stormoen/
  • Casting by
    Tina Thorup/
  • Director of Photography
    R. Jason Ball/
  • SFX Makeup
    Chris Hanson/
  • Production Design
    Rachael Domingo/ Josh Andersen/ Jonathan Martin/
  • Costumes
    Rachael Domingo/
  • Original Score by
    Gerrit Wunder/
  • Sound Design
    Michaela Ball/
  • Edited by
    Richard Teasdale/ Jonathan Martin/
  • Visual Effects
    Tempered Pixel/ TML Studios/ Adam C. Sager/ Johnny Bones/
  • Executive Producer
    Karen Piquet/ Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki/
  • Produced by
    Jonathan Martin/ Rebecca Martin/ Ken Foxx/
image character
Dameon Clarke
Cast - Marcus

Torn between loyalty and love, Marcus makes a pact with the demon Dagon to save her soul, setting up the cursed events destined to proceed.

image character
Doug Jones
Cast - Terrance/Dagon

Terrance is loyal, obedient, and a friend. Dagon is everything but. Together, they will prove a deadly adversary for the Order and Marcus’ destiny.

image character
Amrita Acharia
Cast - Lilly/Demon

The right hand of Terrance/Dagon, Lilly is unhinged, unbridled, and driven by mad passions of both the flesh and blood.

image character
Johnny Call
Cast - Charles

The young apprentice Charles is mixed up in a game he had no idea was being played. But his power and purpose will soon be revealed by Dagon’s will.

image character
Gary Reimer
Cast - Owen

The womanizing dandy, and former protege of Marcus, Owen reacts before he thinks. However, he shares a secret that will damn everyone’s soul to Hell.

image character
Rick Macy
Cast - Alexander

Old friend and former soldier, Alexander wears his scars and flaws proudly. Yet, even he has his secrets that will prove to be his undoing.

image character
Sonya Macari
Cast - Vanessa

Vanessa is Marcus’ beautiful, loving wife. Found dying, Marcus tries to save her with a blood oath to Dagon. Despite her protestations, Marcus will have to discover for himself the true nature of his wife’s soul.

image character
Brian Higgins
Cast - Jonathan

No nonsense Jonathan trains his pupil Charles with tough love. His secrets and his unfortunate knack for stepping headfirst into battle may just be the worst decisions he made.

image character
Amy Lia
Cast - Sara/Demon

Cunning and seductive, Sara is Terrance/Dagon’s left hand. Eager to please her Master, Sara will find ways to tear the heart out of her enemies and feast upon their souls in any manner necessary.

image character
Jake Stormoen
Cast - Edgar

Edgar is the feeble, stuttering stable boy, servant to Terrance and his will. A sad chap, who only seeks mercy from those who give it.